When they go low, we go Ulan-Ude.

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It's hard to make sense of a lot of things that happen around the world. Why do people fight each other? Why are rainforests being deforested? Why do four students drive from Prague to Ulan-Ude? We don't have an answer to these questions. But we will drive from Prague to Ulan-Ude and we will raise 2000£ for charities.

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We are four students from Switzerland driving to Mongolia this summer as part of the Mongol Rally 2018. There is not much sense behind driving an old car more than 15'000 km across the world. Beside from it being an amazing experience and probably the story of our lifes, there is no rational behind it. It's reckless and dangerous.

Probably, to make this thing more socially acceptable, the organisor (The Adventurists) asks every team to raise at least 1000£ for charities. As we plan to raise more (and probably because we take two cars) we have to raise at least 2000£. 1500£ of the raised money will go directly to Cool Earth while the other 500£ are going to a Swiss charity organization called "Friends of brazilian Children". This is an organization helping children in Brazil who don't have a home to get proper education and a better future for themselves. The money donated will go to the charities fully and will not be used for petrol, beers and other necessities on the way. We are honest folks.

So if you (beloved and generous reader) are planning to donate some money at the end of the year anyways, why not do it right now. Karma, CoolEarth and the Colonial Cousin Corporation will thank you ever so much :)


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