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Alfie, Fred and Louis are three undergraduate physicists from the University of Bristol who are interested in the future of energy production and optimising Earth's finite resources. To that end they are raising money for Cool Earth by driving a small car from the UK to Mongolia, covering over one third of the globe. Why on earth are they doing this to save the Amazon? The knock on effects of deforestation are felt as far afield as the planes of Mongolia. The pastures on which the lives of local herdsmen rely have been decimated by summer droughts and winter snows, forcing thousands of people to abandon their herds for a life of poverty. Cool Earth work alongside Amazonian communities, improving their livelihood and enabling them to better protect the rainforest they call home, to halt the global effects of climate change. Their journey will take them through mountains and deserts, across seas and over grasslands. Their very limited mechanical knowledge will be tested, their newfound friendships will be strained and inevitably the little second hand banger will breakdown relentlessly! Needless to say that all donations will be very gratefully received by the charity and all three chaps will do their best to provide amusing accounts from the journey by means of thanks.

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