Kelly and Robin Rickshaw Run 2019

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We are adventurists! We love to explore and we love the planet. Our adventures started in Black Rock City at Burning Man in 2004 all the way to 2017 when we spent three weeks camping on safari in Botswana. The Rickshaw Run will be our next amazing adventure. 70 teams will be driving Tuk Tuks (three-wheeled rickshaws with a motor designed for a lawnmower!) from the bottom of India to the top. This will be 1,500 miles of crazy roads, cows, rain, pot holes the size of Texas and more. All in a "vehicle" designed for local city taxi service. Each team is self-supported from navigation, tuk-tuk repairs, food, accommodations - we will be on our own! We are doing this partly because we are crazy and partly because we want to raise money for Cool Earth and help the planet. We will pay for 100% of the cost of the trip, so everything you give here will go directly to Cool Earth. Cool Earth is committed to protecting rain forests and the communities around them. They have protected almost a million acres in key locations. In addition they support the local communities and residents to thrive - which in turn provides a base for action and protection. Please read more about Cool Earth on their website (links above). We hope you will support us. All donations are in British Pounds.

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