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Half of the world's rainforest has already been destroyed. Cool Earth has found the key to halting deforestation by putting people, not trees, first, through a community led and owned campaign for better health, better education, and better livelihoods. Cool Earth is currently responsible for safeguarding half a million acres of rainforest across three continents. Behind this terrific milestone are thousands of families whose futures have been transformed. Please support us in our drive to raise more awareness and support to this incredible organization.

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A small group of adventure enthusiasts and environment lovers will be setting out this July over over 700km of potentially rugged Romania terrain all in a bid to raise awareness and support for the Cool Earth campaign. Did we mention that this would be on motorcycles? Did we forget to tell you that these motorcycles are actually called Monkley Bikes? What's a Monkey Bike you ask? Well it's essentially a 50cc Honda mini bike with a maximum speed of about 50 kph. Should be perfect for climbing the Carpathian Mountains! So help us raise some funds for Cool Earth and begin an end deforestation. 100% of your donations goes directly to Cool Earth and not our Monkey Bike gas fund! Thank you friends!

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