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Please send your bitcoin (BTC) donations to the following address: 1EiGFTC2avw8CpfTUbVgUyaNQHFanebHyG ____________________________________________ For security reasons, please verify this address by visiting Cool Earth's official cryptocurrency donation page at Thank you for your contribution! Please note: Cryptocurrency donations have not yet been integrated with Cool Earth's existing donation system, so the progress bar at the top of this page does not reflect any bitcoin donations at this time. However, you can track our progress by visiting

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The invention of Bitcoin marks the beginning of a new age in which numerous fundamental aspects of human civilization, such as governance, finance, and energy, will increasingly become decentralized and democratized. This revolutionary technology will empower individuals across the globe and enable them to take environmental protection into their own hands. We intend to leverage the Bitcoin network for that purpose, in order to save our planet and set humanity on a better, more responsible path. Offset Bitcoin is an open, collaborative project with a single mission: to neutralize and reverse the negative environmental impact of the Bitcoin network. Initially, this is to be accomplished by offsetting (i.e. counteracting) the network's annual carbon (CO₂) emissions through donations to the world's most effective organization(s) working on climate change mitigation. Ultimately, the goal is to lock in a far greater amount of CO₂ than the amount released by the Bitcoin network, so that its overall impact shifts from negative to positive. It is our hope that Bitcoin will one day become a sustainable and climate-saving network. For more information, visit

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