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My brother and I are embarking on the Mongol Rally 2018, a masterful road trip combining courage, skill, and mostly luck to drive from the shores of the UK through Europe into Asia ending, if all goes well that is, in Northern Mongolia. As perilous as this journey and challenge may seem, it is in support of an amazing charity Cool Earth. Cool Earth is a charity specialising in educating the world to the dangers of deforestation. Not only is it impacting the climate but more acutely the scale of deforestation is causing irrevocable damage to habitats of many endangered animals such as Tigers, Sloths, Orangutans, and many other vulnerable creatures. By completing this challenge and raising money for this immensely worthwhile charity we hope that we can contribute even a small amount to the education of communities into ways in which they can sustain themselves without destroying rain forest as well as raising awareness that the destruction of habitats is threatening the extinction of many animals

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