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For some reason we woke up one day and thought it would be a great adventure to drive a Tuk Tuk from the North to the South of India in the infamous Rickshaw Run. Since registering we've realised how ridiculous this idea actually is... however it is for a VERY good cause... saving our incredible rainforests. We're hoping that by fundraising for the fantastic 'Cool Earth' we can do a little good for the world along the way (and make this ridiculous feat worth every bone-shaking, imodium-popping minute). // Cool Earth is an incredible non-profit organisation that works with local rainforest communities to help fight against deforestation and climate change. Cool Earth believe that the rainforests are only safe when there is a village strong enough to protect it. So they work to empower these indigenous communities by improving their health, education and livelihoods. So please please, if you can spare anything at all, please support us on this crazy adventure by donating to this fantastic cause. Because what is even more terrifying than driving a three-wheeled tuktuk down the length of India, is that HALF of the world's rainforests have been destroyed IN THE LAST 40 YEARS ALONE. Please donate, we will love you forever and so will our world. :)

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Our team consists of a ginger with a beard, a baldy with a beard and a woman with... well, thankfully no beard at all. This August, during India's monsoon season, we'll attempt to drive our very own rickshaw **glorified lawnmower** from the rally's starting line in Jaisalmer (right up in the very top of India) and end in Cochin (scarily close to the bottom). We have no backup, no plan and no idea what we've let ourselves in for.

But you know what they say. Hakuna Masala.

No worries... eat a curry.

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