Emma and Ben do The Mongol Rally 2018 – Team Sir Mongol Raleigh

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• 1 Vauxhall Corsa • 2 Brits • 10 Visas • 22 Countries • 50 days • 10,000+ miles through the mountains, deserts and steppes of Europe and Asia. - All to raise money for a good cause

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After years of dreaming and planning we’re finally doing it! We, Emma and Ben, are team Sir Mongol Raleigh and this summer we’ll be driving from London to Russia on the 2018 Mongol Rally. There’s no backup, no support and no set route, just us and a totally unsuitable 2005 one litre Vauxhall Corsa navigating some of the worst roads the world has to offer.


If the idea of getting lost, breaking down, and getting stopped by corrupt police wasn’t enough we’re also aiming to raise a boatload of cash for our charity, Cool Earth.

Rainforests are home to 350 million people, cover 6% of the world’s land surface and contain more than two thirds of its biodiversity. Clearing one acre of rainforest releases 260 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and deforestation accounts for as many CO2 emissions as the USA each year. 150 acres of rainforest are cleared every minute.

Cool Earth equips local people with the resources they need to protect their forest and their homes saving at-risk rainforest and shielding millions of acres of neighbouring forest. That’s where you come in; just £60 could save one acre of rainforest. Please sponsor what you can to help protect the world’s rainforests and help reduce human impact on the climate.

Please visit www.coolearth.org for more details.



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