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Hello there!!! You have just landed on the fundraising page of three nutjobs who are planning to race the length of India (3,500km!!) over 2 weeks on a glorified lawn mower, all in the name of good bants and authentic life experiences (the usual snowflake stuff!) - but most importantly to raise some well needed dosh for the COOL EARTH organisation. We know that India is going to break our balls... push us to our wit's end and then a little bit further... put our bowels to the ultimate test... and make us question our friendships... So when we're driving a rickshaw through an Indian monsoon, regretting that street food curry, wearing adult nappies and cursing the day we met one another... we want to be able to take solace in feeling like it was all worthwhile.... and that's where you lot come in!! In short, WE NEED YOUR MONEY HONEY! You see the thing is, we might be jumping on a rickshaw and risking our lives and sanity for a few weeks but in general we have it pretty good... jobs, income, a roof over our heads, food on the table. But not everyone has these luxuries and that's why COOL EARTH is so important... COOL EARTH sends money to people on the frontline of deforestation the Congo Basin, Amazonia and Oceania. People whose whole world is at threat of being cut down and sold off, leaving them homeless, jobless, foodless... and essentially poverty stricken. So while we sit here on our comfortable side of the world giving the odd thought to global warming and how it might affect us, let's spare a thought and some money for the people who it's affecting RIGHT NOW and let's give them a hand!

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