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Oi, We are Kings of the Third Wheel. Three dudes from disparate locales of the USA, trying to save the earth by having a damn good time. We're looking to raise 500 GBP by circumnavigating the tear-drop of Sri Lanka in a three-wheeled machine designed not to go far.

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Aside from the obvious adventure, we're also raising money for Cool Earth, an incredible NGO who's ultimate goal is to slow down the impact of climate change and protect our planet's rainforests. They work alongside indigenous villages and help these communities become self-sufficient by providing friendly alternatives to resist the pressure of giving into loggers. In other words, they ensure that villagers earn more from keeping the forest standing than they would otherwise earn from clearing it.

There are only 2 certainties on this trip:
1. We will break down (a minimum of 10 times) & cry buckets of tears.
2. We'll be kicking ass & raising money for an amazing cause.

Every pound/dollar counts, and the full amount will be donated to Cool Earth once the campaign is completed. Help a couple of lunatics out, we promise we'll make it worth your while with some precious video evidence of just how insane we can be.

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