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Hello dear friends, We are a group of 7 adventurists participating in the greatest charitable adventure of all time. The Mongol Rally 2018 thunders 10,000 miles across the mountains, deserts and steppes of Europe and Asia.There’s no backup, no support and no set route; just the 7 of us, our other fellow adventurists, our 1000cc old scrappy cars (1996 Renault Clio and a 1990 Nissan Micra), and our final destination: Ulan-Ude. You can learn more at After making our first £1000 charitable donation with Cool Earth, whoe works to protect the rainforest that without intervention will be destroyed within the next 18 months, we are now partnering with Speak ( to raise $20,000. Speak is an NGO that facilitates the social integration of refugees across Europe. SPEAK is a linguistic and cultural program built to bring people closer together.It breaks barriers between migrants and locals, promotes multilingualism, equality and democratizes language learning. Anyone can apply to learn or teach any language or culture including those of the country where they are residing. Throughout this learning process, participants get to know other people, learn and explore common interests, break prejudices, misunderstandings and even promote comprehension as well as cooperation. Besides courses, there are social events aimed at creating bonds between participants and where there is room for dialogue, celebration and friendship. By contributing to our fundraising, 100% of these funds will go towards Speak’s expansion in Europe so we can help more refugees and migrants better integrate in our society. If we raise $20,000, Speak will be able to create full-time job opportunities to open in a new European city and help up to 900 migrants and refugees. Help us in this adventure - all donations help!

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Team members: Manuel Salvaterra, Jose Silva, Tiago Almeida, Andre Santiago, Ricardo Prelhaz, Miguel Anjos, Antonio Jalles.


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