Mongol Rally 2018 – The Rustketeers

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In aid of saving our majestic planet, two bumbling, mildly incompetent, and extremely directionally challenged individuals are launching a valiant effort to traverse half way round the Earth. This July, leaving the comforts of the leafy green English countryside, we shall rattle forth in a £300 rusted and wobbling chariot of highly suspect mechanical integrity. The aim of this outlandish endeavour is to pull the handbrake for the final time in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city in the far East of Mongolia. Our journey will take us through the far flung reaches of the Tien Shan and Altai mountain ranges, along the notoriously perilous Pamir Highway where we shall flirt recklessly with the Afghan border. Providing we make it past the AK-47 toting bandits that roam the region, we shall then leave all hope or prayer of paved roads behind us, pushing on to the great plains once roamed by Genghis Kahn himself. Our prospects of success look bleak but through steadfast determination and unshakable resolve we will overcome any obstacle in our path to reach our goal. Our aim in this perilous, perhaps non-sensical, mission is to show that with that same resolve we can collectively achieve the far more significant and vital goal of preserving and restoring the rainforests of our precious planet so that they might breathe life into our planet for generations to come. With your generous donations, we will fundraise for Cool Earth who have made it their mission to protect and preserve the rainforests of the world with an unparalleled determination.

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