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Hi friends! Sarah, Bec and I were feeling like an adventure so we've signed up for the 2019 Rickshaw Run! In January next year we'll be spending two weeks traversing the sub-continent from bottom to top in the name of good times and an awesome charity (and when I say two weeks, I mean probably two weeks... hopefully two weeks... I mean, we'll be back by February... yep.) Yes, we're completely mad, yes you can laugh at us and YES you can be part of the adventure too! We'd absolutely love for you to fling any spare pennies at this organisation doing fantastic work across the globe. No amount is too small! (Sarah tells me size doesn't matter and who am I to question her?) We're hoping to raise at least AU$900 for Cool Earth which is the Rickshaw Run's sister charity and works to halt deforestation and climate change by empowering the communities that live and work in the forests to support themselves and protect the rainforests they love. So please have a rummage and send any spare change our way. In return, we promise to horrify and entertain you with tales of near misses and misadventures (ask us about our blog!), accept any challenges (within reason and on the condition you make a generous donation) and bring you tacky and confusing memorabilia. Angharad, Bec and Sarah xx

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