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So what am I doing? To be honest I'm not to sure, you could call me mad. It will involve getting from one side of Romania to the other on a rather small excuse of a motorbike in just over a week, 1000km at 30mph! No assistance will be given and all breakdowns will have to be patched up there and then, I will also be carrying all my gear so no comfortable journey for me. The adventure will have bumpy tracks, winding roads and a range of mountains to contend with, these probably being the least of my worries. Trying to find somewhere to sleep each night won't be pre planned and will be a challenge, we could be slumming it with the bears and wolfs of Romania and potentially Dracula if he's about. If there's a way to have an adventure this is how to do it, no doubt it'll be an amazing experience and one to tell the grandkids about but I've got to say I'm optimistic for the challenge ahead. If your going to get old, get old with memories! To see more of what I'm doing visit

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The people I'm doing this for are asking me to raise money for Cool Earth. These guys use the money we raise to save rainforests and the people that live in them. The money will also contribute to medicine and teaching them the most basic of life skills.
The earth is here to be explored, it's a beautiful place but needs our help to stay that way.

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