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Five years ago my brother and I drove across India in an auto rickshaw, raising money for Cool Earth while making friendships and discovering the magic that is India. This year I'm back to take on the first ever Himalayan Rickshaw Run. Starting in the city of Leh, traversing mountain passes for 7 days, reaching elevations of 17,487 feet, before descending to the city of Shimla. This unsupported adventure (no assistance between start and finish) is certain to test the limits of both man and machine. It is a chance to explore a remote region of the world in an intimate way that only piloting this under-powered mini-vehicle affords. I'm using this opportunity to raise money for Cool Earth's Ashaninka project, and continue supporting their mission to preserve our planet's resources and keep the environment that sustains human life around a little while longer. 100% of the funds go directly to Cool Earth, so support me in this endeavor! I'll be posting updates routinely, but in addition to living vicariously through my adventure….If you donate: • Any Amount - I will add the names of donors to the paint job of my Rickshaw, so you'll get the added bonus of seeing your name in the Himalayas! How cool is that! • If you donate $55 or more, I’ll name one of the lug nuts holding the wheels on after you, and give you a special shout out on FB and Instagram • If you donate $111 or more, I’ll name one of our life saving pieces of gear after you, and give you an extra special shout out on FB and Instagram (Life Saving gear includes: Duct Tape, Multi-Tool, Zip ties, wrench, petrol can, horn, brake cable, etc) • As an added incentive… For individuals who donate $500 or more, I will invite you to a private dinner in my home where we will drink a 2008 Von Strasser Estate Reserve Cabernet and a 2006 Heller Estates Petit Verdot while regaling you with stories from this wild adventure! (If more than 6 people donate at this level, we’ll just have to open more library wine!) Thank you so much for your generous support! Michael Team Oompaloompa

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