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Capital Crew Rickshaw Race

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Hello, Thanks for visiting our page! We are a team of two who have, using their best judgement, decided to embark on a somewhat ridiculous journey through the west coast of India to help raise money for Cool Earth. In the coming months, we will be undertaking a not so short journey in which we negotiate the west coast of India. The road from Jaisalmer to Kochi is roughly 3000 kilometers depending on whether or not you know what you are doing. We don't. Still, not so bad right? A few train rides, a bus maybe, probably a taxi or two. Nope. Instead we will be using a remarkably insufficient mode of transport called the TukTuk or motorised Rickshaw with a top speed of 55kmph (downhill). We aren't expecting a comfortable ride, 5 star hotels nor drinks by the sea. What are we expecting then? Excruciatingly slow speeds, an obscene amount of breakdowns and the ever present and unwavering musk of two sweaty men who can't remember their last shower. Why, you ask? Aside from the laughs, it's all for a good cause! Our charity, Cool earth, works to protect rainforest deforestation and degradation by securing land for the local communities and putting them in charge. Additionally, a whopping 90% of cool earths donations go directly to funding their projects. Help us make a difference!

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