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Monkey Run Romania 2k18- Team Harambe

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Well hey there, you've somehow stumbled upon the Cool Earth donation page for Team Harambe, (David Compton, Brett Blake, Spencer Cramm, Franco Santa Maria), who will be participating in the Adventurists' Monkey Run Romania this July (7/22-7/28 to be exact). Beginning in Sighetu Marmatiei (Northwest Romania) and ending in Vama Veche (Southeast Romania), we will be riding tiny 48cc motorcycles through the Carpathian Mountains and avoiding vampires in Transylvania. Our only plans along the way are to see Bran Castle and traverse the Transfaragasan Highway, maybe even hike Varful Moldoveanu (Romania's tallest spot) but who knows what will even happen. We will try to post updates as we go, the link to our posts will be posted soon, but if you're still curious about this event, here's the link to its description ( Now, you may be thinking, "Why are you guys doing this? This sounds so crazy, reckless, and somewhat pointless" and our responses to you sir and/or madam are, "Why wouldn't we be doing this?", "For the adventure of a lifetime!", "To raise money for Cool Earth!" and maybe even a "Hashtag YOLO" for you fellow millennials. Out of these reasons, the most important is to raise money for Cool Earth, who are the official charity of the Adventurists. Simply stated, they save rainforests. They do an incredible job of explaining how they go about saving aforementioned rainforests, so check out more of their website and the neat lil' video below to see how your donation helps. Any donation you make is appreciated greatly by us, thank you in advance!

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