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Attention Kids: Do you love dressing up in funny costumes? Do you love being on camera? Do you love making and eating yummy foods? What if you could do all of these three things AND help to save our rainforests and planet at the SAME TIME? Sounds awesome right??? We want your talents, charming smile, and circle of friends to join us in our video campaign for COOL EARTH. Cool Earth is a non-profit organization that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. In other words, they help people who live near or in the rainforests to rise up and protect their homelands. Here’s how you can help: Make a cooking video -- make it silly, funny, wacky. We hope to see crazy costumes, fake accents, and memorable characters making yummy food! (around 2 min) Make sure to mention COOL EARTH and tag 2 friends to make videos as well. Share, share, share! Send your video to your friends and family to spread the word. Be sure to also send the video to “[email protected]” to have your video posted to this Channel. Donate to COOL EARTH from our fundraising page. Watch the momentum grow… who knows how much good we can do!! By tagging friends to make their own videos and donate to Cool Earth, we can spark a kid-driven movement!

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We want kids everywhere to join our campaign to heat the kitchen and cool the earth. We believe through creativity and fun we can bring kids together in a cause we all care about: our earth! Our goal is to spark 100 videos and collect $500.



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