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This April (2019), We will be embarking on a ~30,000 mile bicycle trip around the world, lasting around 4 years, with some extended stops along the way. The trip will be completely self-supported and self-funded, with money earned from teaching English and a planned stint of tree planting in Canada halfway through the trip. We will be doing everything we can do avoid flying between land masses, attempting to hitch rides on boats, but realistically may have to concede one or two defeats along the way. I (Oscar) will be starting the trip in Scotland and then heading east, where Nadja should be joining me in India once she's graduated. We plan to be away for 3-4 years and will be camping most nights.

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I think rainforest conservation is one of the most vital & tangible defenses we have in slowing our changing climate, and the importance in preserving the multitude of unique plant and animal life contained within almost goes without saying. I have never learned to drive, eat very little meat, but still have taken a lot from our planet, and I want this trip to be an attempt to try and equalise or possible even reverse some of the damage I have done to the planet in my 24 years on Earth.

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