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Rickshaw Run – India August 2018

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Hi friends and fam! If you’re reading this, you’re part of an elite crew of people whom Jarrett Nixon, Travis King, and Will Ferguson entrust enough to share their extremely (dumb? dangerous?) bold charity campaign with! These three strapping young lads are embarking on quite the journey starting on August 10th and they need your help. The race is called “The Rickshaw Run” and it is a 50 team race across India spanning two weeks. Their lovely vehicle? Welp, let’s just call it a “glorified lawnmower.” They will be driving a “rickshaw” or “tuk-tuk” (think golf cart/moped combo that can only go 30 mph) from the border of Pakistan to the southern tip of India over 1500 miles. Oh, by the way, we have no directions and no map... If you know any of us, it's right up our alley. The three of us plan to raise at least 2000 USD for Cool Earth, a non-profit organization that works alongside rainforest communities to stop deforestation and its impact on climate change. You can learn more about their mission here: Also, each of Cool Earth’s partnerships form a shield to make the neighboring forest inaccessible to loggers – saving millions of acres of further forest. Apart from that, the team that raises the most money wins a trip to the Amazon to learn more about the beautiful land Cool Earth is protecting. If you have anything to give it would be very much appreciated. We also promise you a very entertaining video documenting this wild journey so you can ride alongside the Rickshaw but from a much more sane perspective. Thanks so much and wish us luck! Cheers to an adventure, -Will, Trav, and Jarrett

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