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This August, we’re embarking on a preposterous two-week race in a rickety 7 horsepower tricycle-abomination called a rickshaw. And we’re heading from the top of India… All the way to the bottom. No route, no backup, no language skills, and frankly no idea what we’re getting ourselves into. And it gets better. We’re up against ~40 other teams, in the middle of the monsoon season, as part of something known as ‘the Rickshaw Run’. As part of the adventure we're working to raise cash for Doctors Without Borders - an incredible cause - but we also need to raise some cash to save our rain forests!! And Cool Earth is absolutely the best way to pull that off. Help us meet our charity goals, and you get to come with us on the adventure. In addition to helping a great cause, all donors will receive access to our private VIP Facebook group - where we'll be posting and streaming the best and most ridiculous content during our ~2 week adventure.

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