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Let's be real, Jessica and I are taking a vacation. It's an exciting vacation - we're driving a rickshaw across Sri Lanka - but we're nevertheless doing it for ourselves. Of course the people organizing it don't seem to feel that way, so want us to raise money for charity. Well that's good, I like saving the world as much as the next person, and heaven knows I've been shamed into personally supporting your personal endeavors "for charity," so now I can ask you for the favor back. You're welcome. I guess it also saves the world from runaway climate change by helping rainforests too, so that's good.

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Saving the rainforest is important to me because it has biodiversity and sequesters carbon. These two things help us stay alive by giving us new medicines and preventing global warming. Because I live on Manhattan, global warming that melts the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets would flood my lobby which is a real bummer. Otherwise I don't really care so much to be honest.

You can also donate to the Tahirih Justice Center if you'd like, since only 500 GBP needs to go to Cool Earth. That's important to me because they help refugee women fleeing to the United States, and immigrants are the only reason we have a replacement birth rate. Speaking seriously... because these are human beings and everyone has a right to be safe from gender-based violence. Please support that exceptionally worthy cause.

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