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Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka

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Hey we're going to save the planet by driving a tuk tuk around Sri Lanka. Seems smart. Please give us your lunch money today to save the earth. Cool.

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The Rickshaw What?

No set route, no back-up, no way of knowing if we're going to make it. The only certainty is that we will get lost, we will get stuck, we will break down and we will help save a bit of the world.

It's just a group of mates in a wholly unsuitable vehicle, traversing Sri Lanka, enduring whatever shit the road throws at us.

The Vehicle:
The humble auto-rickshaw. The perfect(ish) adventuring machine. Kind of.

The engines on our Sri Lankan beasts are an impressively pathetic 10.5bhp. They have tiny wheels, shite ground clearance and bad suspension. They have no real protection from the elements, and they're incredibly unreliable.

All of this pretty much guarantees something will go wrong. Which is where we'll find out what we're really made of. Hopefully it's stern stuff.

Some of the off-road tracks in Sri Lanka are properly gnarly. Thankfully, with a mere 198cc at our command, this should mean we get utterly stuffed.


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