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Save The Rainforest – The Travelling Foxes

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We are Nat & Nat, travellers and adventurers from the Philippines. We aim to inspire others the benefits of travel, as well as standing up for causes we believe in. Our goal is to raise funds for Cool Earth as part of our initiative to protect the environment we live in. Raising £1,000 will save 16.5 hectares of rainforest - enough to make a positive impact.

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The world has evolved quickly in the last 50 years, creating a big impact in our lives. But we take for granted the biggest source of what’s giving us life. The rainforests provide about 20% of the worl’d’s oxygen and protect us against climate change. That is why The Travelling Foxes will be supporting a cause that will impact the world and the environment we live in. Cool Earth is a non-profit organization that support local communities to help protect our last standing rainforests. We believe in empowering people to make a difference. And by 2020, we want to triple that impact by supporting causes that matter. If you also believe in saving the rainforests, help spread our cause and act today.

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