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saving the world one tuk tuk at a time

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Owen and Adam need a holiday. So we’re setting off to Malaysia, where we’re spending no time at all in the Marina Bay Sands Casino, and heading straight to Sri Lanka to race a Tuk Tuk from the country’s tip to toe. We’ve got no plan, no tent and next to no power in our mighty steed, which is unfortunate in a country with the densest population of leopards. While it sounds like chaos, we’re not risking a head on collision with an elephant for no reason - there’s a serious side to this tomfoolery. These amateur races run in some of the most beautiful places on earth, yet they’re rapidly being destroyed in the name of a cheeky bit of share price revenue. It’s in all our interests to preserve these natural wonders, which is why we’ve teamed up with the Cool Earth foundation in an effort to stop some of the leading forces contributing to the destruction of these countries. The specifics are found further down the page, so if you’re tired of the weight of spare money in your pockets, please consider donating to our cause! You’ve made it this far, so you might as well go the full journey! It’s a sure bet you’ll make it further than our Tuk Tuk will! Thank you kindly! Owen and Adam.

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