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Julius’s Rainforest Fund Paid for by Desert Excursion

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Help me ride 1000km across the desert on a toaster

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To kick off 2019 I'll be riding a 50cc motorbike across the Moroccan desert! If you want to see exactly what this entails, follow this link (spoiler, there's not much to that link other than "hey, wanna ride a baby bike across a lot of sand? cool see ya there")

There are a few reasons why this seems like a good idea:

1. I've never done this before
2. My eyes could use a rest from computer screens
3. To help save some rainforest

I've got the first two reasons covered but could use some help with the 3rd. Part of this Adventurists event is raising money for Cool Earth, and organization that helps protect rainforests. And part of them providing me a small motorcycle to do this event with is that I'll help raise £1000 for the organization. Any little bit helps; and if you want to help even more, I'll see you in Morocco at the end of the year. Cheers!



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