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Out Of Our Depth – Kraken Cup 2019

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This January, Out of Our Depth will be attempting the Kraken cup, a gruelling 8 day sailing race down the coast of Tanzania. For more information, please look below!

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Our team, ‘Out of our Depth, is a trio of uni friends who this New Year will be embarking on a gruelling, outlandish sailing race in the name of charity.

The Kraken Cup is an 8 day monster of a sailing race, covering over 400km of the Indian Ocean, as we sail from the Zanzibar Archipelago in the north of Tanzania to Lindi in the south. With 22 boats to race against competition will be fierce and it won’t just be our sailing tested as we camp rough on beaches and use our limited survival instincts to find a meal each evening.

To add to our woes, our vessel for this maritime Odyssey will be a traditional Ngwala. A truly unique boat, used by local fishermen for hundreds of years, their primitive design rejects the modern innovations and comforts of sailing and goes back to the basics: a hull, hand carved from a mango tree, with a bamboo mast and sail lashed to it.

The Cause- Cool Earth

We are attempting this race in an effort to raise awareness and money for Cool Earth, a fantastic charity who have saved over 900,000 thousand acres of high risk rainforest.

Rainforests are under huge threat from the logging industry. In the past 40 years over half of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed. These rainforests are incredible havens of bio diversity and have a vital role in fighting Global Warming. Cool Earth take a novel approach to saving the planet by working in high risk forests and empowering local communities to create sustainable and long term solutions. They believe that a strong, thriving community is the best custodian of the rainforest.

Funds of just £500 will enable over 8 acres of at risk rainforest, containing over 2000 tree, to be protected. Our target of £1000 will allow for a whole community to be developed and made resilient against the threat of logging.

*All money raised goes directly to this charity, and plays no part in funding this expedition*

The Crew
Our team’s credentials are almost as rickety as our vessel. Armed with only a muddled scattering of childhood sailing qualifications, a geography degree for navigation and a handful of episodes of Bear Grylls for survival knowledge we are sure to find ourselves Out of our Depth very quickly.

Daniel Mayers
Strength: Navigation-Delighted to finally find a use for his geography degree
Weakness: Will drive team mates to jump ship by day 3

Jed Allen
Strength: Usually found DJing in Manchester he will now be responsible for maintaining the same energy on a very different deck.
Weakness: Seasickness

Olly Forsyth
Strength: The Economist- Has calculated the ransoms for all the crew in the case of a run in with pirates
Weakness: Burns if temperature above 20 degrees

Live Updates and Tracking
For those interested in our journey, or merely wishing to check we safely make each checkpoint we will be posting live updates of our progress in due course



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