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Tuk Tuk of Dreams – Rickshaw Run April 2019

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Alongside many other questionable individuals, Luke Welch, Charlie Nuck and Austin Haidet will be traversing the length of India from North to South in a three wheeled glorified Go Kart. With no set route or assistance of any kind, it's going to be a painful, terrifying and memorable adventure...

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It'd be sweet if trees gave off WiFi right? If that were the case, it's more than likely the majority of the population would be all for keeping as many around as possible... Too bad they only create the oxygen we breath...

Help us raise money for Cool Earth, a non profit that works with local communities in areas at the largest risk of deforestation to ensure they remain in control of their land and aren't left in poverty as a result of deforestation.

We're literally putting our lives on the line, we're sure your wallet won't mind being a little lighter to support us.


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