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Art For Saving Rainforests

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Of each artworks that I sell 10% will be donated to Coolearth. So you are not only buying beautiful art that makes you happy, but you are also helping Coolearth to do their wonderful work!! Look for my art on or on

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Rainforests are so utterly important because all living creatures on this planet need forests to life. We must see it as one of our highest priorities to save as much forests as we can. Let's do that with the people who live there! Thank you Coolearth for your fantastic work!

Artist statement:
'Describing her work as Lyrical abstraction, Krisztina Horvath creates expressive and intuitive paintings which lay bare upon the canvas, composed of frenetic brushstrokes and communicative marks in paint. although working predominantly in acrylic and oil, other kinds of media such as ink, spray paint, graphite and oil bar also play their part in her creative process.
Titles are an important aspect of the artist’s works as it allows us a glimpse into the underlying thoughts, feelings and reference sources that have driven her while creating the abstract piece.

Climate change, environmental issues and the problematic human impacts to life on earth are all subjects that move Horvath to create new paintings, using the abstract expressionistic style to express modern social issues and raise awareness through her art. Born in Hungary, Horvath has lived in the Netherlands since childhood. recently her work has been shown in Brussels, Milan and New York.

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