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The Rickshaw Run

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Traveling 3,500 kilometres, from the South of India, to the North, in a wholly unsuitable vehicle, powered by a discarded lawnmower engine, with a bloke who grows vegetables for thrills. It's the equivalent of driving to the European space station 7 times. But with more air. Obviously.

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So why would anyone donate any hard-earned cash to two old gits who seem to want to kill themselves driving a deathtrap on wheels across an entire country?

It's not about us. We don't need the money...

Cool Earth is a charity which works with small communities of people who are having their homes (our environment), the rain forests, destroyed by logging companies. They are incredibly successful. They have reduced logging to a fraction of 1% in the areas they have helped.

It's about helping people helping themselves and in doing so, saving our most precious resource - wild land.

Please help Simon and I to help them. Make a donation, no matter how small - it all mounts up.
Help the subsistence farmers help themselves and coincidentally help save the Planet! We ALL gain by planting and protecting trees - trees fix carbon and pump out oxygen. They feed our lungs and slow climate change.
If you don't believe me - believe David Attenborough!



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