Kraken Cup 2019 – Sailing a mango tree down the Zanzibar Archipelago

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Three adventurous Vermonters (Keith Nelson, Gabe Ayers, and Allyson Nelson) will be racing a carved out mango tree with outriggers (aka Ngalawa) down the Zanzibar Archipelago. For 8 days, we will sail the high seas, forage for local fish and critters, camp on deserted islands, and hopefully have a great time! We also want to use the opportunity to raise money for our planet. Allyson's first international work experience was in Northern Peru, where Cool Earth is partnering with local communities to save the rainforests and improve their livelihoods. Keith and Allyson saw first-hand how mining was destroying the land and indigenous communities, and are really excited now that we can contribute back to the community we learned so much from. Once we reach our Cool Earth goal, we will then fundraise for a local organization in Zanzibar. Zanzibar may be a holiday paradise, but it is also a pretty tough place to grow up. Nearly half of Zanzibaris live in poverty, one in five girls will marry and give birth before age 18, and one in four kids does not receive adequate nutrition to grow to their full potential. You'll find more about what we are doing for Zanzibar on our other fundraising page (details to come). Thanks for your support!

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