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Mongol rally 2019

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Starting line: Prague  Finish line: mongolia Route: we have no f***ing idea. In July 2019 we will be taking part in the mongol rally. What is this? It's a bunch of like-minded nutters who choose to travel over 10,000 miles for no real reason but to argue, drive through miles of cross country and to experience alot of people's worst nightmare. The reason were doing it? To raise money for 2 amazing charities and to see the world from a smaller than average windscreen.  We are driving in a pajero junior, for people like me who wouldn't have a clue what this is, it's a small 1.1 litre 4 wheel drive car ( by small I mean toy size) which we will be living in for an average of 2 months. How will we fit us and all of our stuff? Well we will be sleeping on top of the car and be cramming all of our belongings along with 4 spares of everything into the boot of the car.

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