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Jorge’s race to save the rain forest

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Thank you for considering in donating to my cause! A recap of my journey will be sent to you once I am back.

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This upcoming April 2019 I, along with a few other folks from all over the world, will embark on an exciting journey across Morocco. We plan to drive tiny motorcycles from the Sahara Desert in Eastern Morocco to the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the beautiful and mighty Atlas Mountains. This 1,000+ kilometer journey must be completed within seven days; with no back-up crew or support. We are on our own using our wits and our grit to get to the finish line!

Part of my inspiration in doing this is being able to raise money for a worthy cause. As a big believer in protecting and conserving our natural environment, I chose to raise money for Cool Earth, a non-profit organization that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. I highly admire Cool Earth’s approach in fighting deforestation because their efforts focus mostly on empowering local communities so they can become the forest’s custodians and ultimately improve their quality of life.

To read more about their approach, please visit the link below:

I invite you to be a part of this journey by donating any amount that you can to help me reach my goal of £1,000 pounds.

Your contribution will help enable a village to build, stock and maintain a sustainable fish pond. This will provide protein for the village and ultimately reduce the impact that people have on the rainforest. Your donations make a huge difference!


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