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I am going to cross India in a tuktuk from Kochi all the way up to Jaisalmer. Google maps says it takes 19 days, but apparently we can do it in 14..did I mention tuktuks are 3 wheeled glorified lawnmowers that only go 50km/hr? yeah wish me luck.

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Growing up in New Zealand I think I have been very privilaged, our water is clean from the tap, our climate is amazing and we generally live in a very clean and healthy environment.
This is not the case for most of the world.
Most of the world's countries are overpopulated and live within smog or without clean water. Take India for example. First world countries have been shipping their rubbish to India for years and they are now covered in it. Their rivers and streams are filled with plastic and the land has been degraded so much by imported rubbish that the air quality has declined.
Knowing about my privilage and how good my life has been growing up in New Zealand I want to be able to help others acheive in some way, a part of that privilage too.
The charity Coolearth aligns with my economical values alot because they are essentially protecting rainforests.
Why are rainforests so cool and worth protecting, well for one, they house entire ecosystems of living beings which depend on eachother. The bug eats the leaf, the frog eats the bug, the fish eats the frog, the jaguar eats the fish and us humans come in with a bulldozer and set fire to the whole thing, creating 25% of the world's total carbon emission.
So how is my going to India in a tuktuk related to saving rainforests? well essentially its not. The India trip is just a cool way for me to explore a different culture so vastly different from my own privilaged one, while also getting the opportunity to also raise money to support Coolearth and what they are doing to save the rainforests. It's a win-win.

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