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Alanna’s Mongol Horse Race in Aid of Funding Cool Earth

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So I am officially in the Mongolian Derby 2019! the longest and toughest horseback race in the world, travelling 1000km on horse back across the land against 40 other riders ?? They do this race every year in rememberance of the ledgendary Mongolian messenger system, they would race from one side of the country to the other, stopping at each station to refuel & jump on their next steed! My aim is to raise at least £1000 for Cool Earth charity. They are an incredible charity funding and supporting to save rainforests, preventing climate change, saving habitats for our wild ones and also changing people's lives in third world countries, helping them build schools and giving them educational life experience. This is a charity like no other, the adventurists have already donated 7 million through these wacky ventures! ?? let's keep the support for cool earth going & enjoy the ride! I will be doing some fundraisers during 2019, yes, probably horsey ?! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am greatly appreciative to be given a place in the race, and to raise money for such a great charity I couldnt be happier, any donation is greatly appriciated no matter how small. -The Mongol Derby is August 2019, all information on the race can be found on their website, all riders are able to be tracked throughout the race, so it's quie exciting ??? Thanks for reading, please share ☺️?

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Saving our rainforests, is saving our world, i want to help this charity as much as possible, they have achieved amazing possibilities already, if the support continues they can carry on there extreme work, on saving your planet


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