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Jeremy, Jas and Mark Rickshaw for Cool Earth!

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Jeremy, Jason and Mark otherwise known as… Team Numb Nuts are set to take on the expanse that is India and all it has to offer in an adventure journey with a difference. In April next year, the crazy trio head to Jaisalmer in the North West of India where the Rickshaw Run begins. Here, they will be provided with their means of transportation, a Tuk-tuk! The three boys will travel approximately 2500 kms in this three-wheeled tuk-tuk - unguided, unassisted, unbelievable! Organised by The Adventurists, the "un-route" is a simple yet devastatingly effective concept. There's a start line and a finish line and approximately 2500 kilometres between the two. The website promoting the Rickshaw Run is full of useful information including the following statement from "The Adventurists"… "It's just you and your mates in a wholly unsuitable vehicle, traversing the subcontinent, enduring whatever shit the road throws at you. Trying to tame the beast that is the Rickshaw Run is just not going to work. Crafting a daily route is pointless. Trying to work out where you'll stay every night is pointless. Detailed planning of any kind is highly likely to go completely to shit by the second day on the road. India will see to that." – Easy to see why Jeremy, Jas and Mark signed up! Other than the obvious challenge this event creates the other motivating factor for these three crazy guys is the opportunity to raise a few dollars for charity. Every team is required to raise a minimum of £1000. Team Numb Nuts has elected to donate all they raise to the fundraising body supported by The Adventurists and dedicated to saving the planet – Cool Earth. Cool Earth is an environmental charity that works in partnership with indigenous communities to halt rainforest destruction. The charity only protects rainforest that without intervention will be destroyed within the next 18 months. Cool Earth works strategically, protecting forest that acts as a barrier to a wider landscape. Through working with local people, Cool Earth makes sure conservation goes hand in hand with better livelihoods. Please help us to "save the planet" by donating to this very worthy cause.

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