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Sam, Ryan, and Patty go to India

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Howdy! I've been wanting to see India for a while now, and during my prep for the Marathon des Sables in 2013 I stumbled across The Adventurists' website for The Rickshaw Run. As with most organized events these days, there is a requisite fundraising portion. The race organizers have been partnering with Cool Earth, which is a smaller charity that helps keep rainforest intact, for many years now, and they ask that each team raise funds to support this charity. I'm not gonna get political on you, because this isn't a political issue - it's a scientific and systems biology issue and it does and will affect you and all your progeny. Yes, there are plenty of local charities you can support in your home country, but the occasional charitable stretch beyond our own borders does a world of good too. I don't have kids yet that are selling magazines or candy or whatnot to fund their field trips and school supplies, so consider tossing a couple bucks this way please. What is the Rickshaw Run you might ask? It's traveling across most of the Indian subcontinent, with no planned route, in a tuk tuk, aka an auto-rickshaw. Google The Rickshaw Run and read all about it. I began scheming on how to participate back then, but it wasn't until 2017, when I started dating Sam, that I finally found someone I thought would be up to doing this with me. As expected, she was gung-ho and the task of finding our 3rd person arose. Who better to pick than my dad? While the trip is guaranteed to test all of our relationships, I think it will also be an unusual way to see the country, and therefore worthwhile. You can follow along with our progress by copying and pasting the following link in your browser:

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It's a couple bucks from each person we know. I'm pretty sure you can spare it.

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