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Hold onto your butts: 2019 Rickshaw Run

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Armed with nothing but an (un)glorified golf-cart, Travis, Tim, & Josh are attempting to drive the 2500+km trip across the beast that is India. Check our our blog page to stay up to date on our adventures

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Help us save the rain forests and laugh at our misfortunes as we attempt to drive across India.

Josh, Tim & Travis are attempting to take a 3-wheeled, 7 horsepower rickshaw 2500+km from one side of India to the other in the 2019 January Rickshaw Run.

The Rickshaw Run is probably best described by watching the video below. In essence, our team is given a motorized tin can with three wheels in Bangalore, with only one instruction: re-convene in two weeks in Jaisalmer, India - some 2500+ km away. No defined route. No plans. Just a starting line and a finish line; the rest is up to us.

Why not? Life is all about adventure, doing things that challenge you and force you to get out of your comfort zone. The Rickshaw Run does all of that; give us an experience like none other, all while doing our small part in helping to save the world. We'll be providing updates throughout the run, so follow us and laugh at us every time we get lost, broken down, or stuck.

No we aren't superheroes, but we are raising money for Cool Earth, an organization striving to preserve our globe's rains forests, thus allowing people for years to come to enjoy the mystery and wonder of nature's beauty. If you want to help us save the world, consider donating to the cause, no amount is too small!


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