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Hello hello! We are Team In Decent Sea and we’re participating in the Kraken Cup 2019. They take mango trees and turn them into sailboats and race them down the eastern coast of Africa. It’s an 8 day extreme adventure race where you camp on mythical islands, fight magical creatures, and save the world from destruction!! Just kidding! It is a race in mango tree sailboats and you do camp on random islands though, we are also hoping to help save the rainforest! The Cool Earth organization works hand in hand with the communities living in the rain forest to help improve their lives by improving their health, education and livelihoods. The organization allows the community to decide what they need most and how funds are spent – everything from clean water and a new classroom to improved coffee and cacao harvests. So please help us to raise funds for Cool Earth - you don't need to sit in the equitorial sun for 8 days, or deal with sun-and-salt chapped skin, or even rig up a mozzie net to keep the malaria mosquitos away, but you can still be a part of this voyage, and play a role in helping to save one of the last green lungs which the Earth still has.

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