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Rickshaw Run 2019

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300km, 3 Kiwis, 1 Tuk Tuk. The Idea: To race a tuk tuk from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan to Fort Kochi, Kerala, India. The Plan: Well, there is none. With no set route, no back-up, no way of knowing if we're actually going to make it - what is there too plan? The only certainty is that we will get lost, we will get stuck, we will break down and we will help save a bit of the world. We've figured The Rickshaw Run (from the little information you actually recieve) is about two things; 1- Adventuring the unknown. The ' set route' is literally called the 'un-route.' They give you the start point , a finish point and a tuk tuk. 2 - Saving the world. The Adventurists and Cool Earth have teamed up to do exactly this. So here is our campaign to save the Rainforests ?

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