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Sponsor me and pray for me – Monkey Run 2019

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I'm doing the January edition of the Morocco Monkey Run - PRAY FOR ME! SPONSOR ME!

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The perils of a life lived by impulse.

So in short, I have an emotional problem where I sign up for things without necessarily thinking it through. Part of this is some miswiring in my brain where I am endlessly optimistic about my aptitude for tasks I’ve never done before.

In this instance, I’ve signed up to the Monkey Run Morocco edition, starting 31 December.

What is the Monkey Run you ask? Well, in short, it’s a mere one week motorcycle ride across Morocco. What makes it interesting? Well it’s on possibly the most unsuitable bike in the most unsuitable terrain. Monkey bikes (in case your wondering) are tiny motorcycles about knee height, which have top speeds of 20mph. But what they lack in size, they make up for in personality. Close to the ground means you don’t have far to fall and when they (inevitably) break down you can pick them up and carry them. More details available on the website for those that want to understand even more why this is a slightly mad thing to do (

So some six months ago I signed up, blissful in misguided self-assurance that I would be the equal of this challenge. And six weeks ago I remembered that I don’t know how to drive a car, let alone a motorbike. And the limited evidence base that I do have suggests that I am actually very bad at driving.

My survival instinct kicked in and I resolved to learn. Since then have completed basic and advanced training, moving from an automatic moped to a 750cc proper bike. Needless to say the optimism referenced earlier was definitely misplaced. In my training I have dropped the bike more than a couple of times, earning enormous bruises, and on one terrifying occasion felt myself slowly tip over at a large roundabout – thank god for the kindness of nearby car drivers. Those bikes are heavy. But despite these horrors I have pushed through and learned, with the help of some very patient instructors, how to drive a motorbike.

So why am I emailing you? Ah well, there is a charity fundraising component to all this madness and I’m asking for your sponsorship. But only if you want to. I’ve set myself the target of £500 for the charity Cool Earth. You can learn about them on this website, but basically it’s all about saving the rain-forests and adorable sloths. Which is nice.

Any sponsorship is greatly appreciated, otherwise, please pray for me. My fight for survival begins 31 December and ends 7 January.

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