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I am participating in The Adventurists Monkey Run in Romania in July with Darcie and Genevieve! This is a "race" on tiny motorbikes (don't worry, we won't be fast). I say "race" as there is a beginning and ending point, but it's our goal to make the most bizarre path and arrive last at our destination! I'll be sharing photos of the adventure and shenanigans along the way. Part of the race is about fundraising for Cool Earth, an amazing non-profit that works with communities to protect their rainforest. This is not a non-profit that tells communities how to use money, but instead focuses on working alongside communities, who know what the community and their forests need. Projects include job training, education, improved health facilities, and resource management assistance. Cool Earth's programs have saved over 900 thousand acres of rain forest to date. Their work also saves over 18 billion gallons of water each year. That's more than 360 million bathtubs full of water each year! Imagine every single person in the US taking a bath full to the top in a single day -- ya, thats enough for that plus extra! Read more about the Cool Earth mission at: My goal is to raise 1000 pounds, this is a little under $1300 USD. Help me save the rain forests on this beautiful planet and I'll share some ridiculous pictures, stories, and videos from the adventure race.

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