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Mongol Rally 2019

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This summer, We have taken the exciting/idiotic (delete as applicable) decision to take part in the Mongol Rally 2019. For those who do not know what that is, the Mongol Rally is one of the largest motoring events in the world in which hundreds of teams drive a battered old car with a tiny 1.2 litre engine from Europe 11,000 miles east to Ulan-Ude in Russia via Mongolia and another 20 countries. We will cross all sorts of terrains, from the smooth highways of Europe to deserts topping 46 degrees celsius and mountain ranges hitting -10. It certainly won't be easy, there will be break downs, there will be danger and no doubt a few tears along the way, but admittedly it is going to be a hell of a lot of fun for us. Whilst its great to be having the adventure of a life time, the goal of the rally is to raise money for charities, making a real difference to our planet and to people's lives.

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