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Three lads, with a sense of adventure and well at least the thought of our hearts in the right place are taking a bit of time out of the hussel and bussel of our busy lives and have decided to challenge ourselves by entering the 2019 Rickshaw Race. The Rickshaw Race is an event in which contestants drive the length of India unsupported, navigating extreme climate, extreme driving rules and extreme bowel conditions for two weeks as we drive across this great country in a 3500km, 2 week marathon. We sleep wherever we end up that night, and carry on the next day. And the best bit? We'll be doing it all in one of India's famed TukTuks, known mostly for having no centre of gravity, arse-shattering motor suspension and a lower average speed than the cows that we'll be sharing the road with. Our journey will take us over 3'500 Kilometers covering cities, 3 mountain ranges and 9 separate timezones. Whilst doing this we will be raising awareness for Cool Earth. We would greatly appreciate any small or large donations to reach our goal. Thank you. Cool Earth is a very large non-profit organisation, hugely supported by David Attenborough, that works closely with rainforest communities in order to stop deforestation and climate change. CoolEarth puts the future of the rainforests with the people best placed to protect it. This means that by saving the rainforests it is also providing employment to local communities. Cool Earth's largest operations are in Peru, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea. As of yet Cool Earth has saved over 900,000 acres of rainforest.

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