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Hello friends and family! In April, 2019 for 2.5 weeks, my friend Jeff and I will be embarking on a 3,000 km rickshaw run in India from Jaisalmer in the north to Cochin in the south for the sake of great adventure and charity fundraising! We will face drastic environmental changes, road and traffic conditions that will raise eyebrows and squeeze our eyes shut, sights and sounds and smells unrivaled by any other country, culture and experiences quite new to us, friendships that hopefully will last a lifetime, and surely food-related challenges. It will be grueling and dangerous at times, but incredibly fascinating and fulfilling – truly the adventure of a lifetime. We are currently a delighted mix of excitement and anxiety - but each day should keep us on our toes! The Rickshaw Run is organized by a UK-based group who proudly and successfully fundraises for a charity called Cool Earth. Their mission statement, one that Jeff and I find encouraging, is available here: In short, “Cool Earth is the non-profit organization that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change….By developing local livelihoods, our mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. Creating strong, self-determining communities – not dependency. We are also the only charity that works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest, on the frontline of deforestation. And each of our partnerships forms a shield to make the neighboring forest inaccessible to loggers – saving millions of acres of further forest.” As participants, Jeff and I are asked to raise roughly £1,000 for the Rickshaw Run’s charity and for an additional charity if we so choose, which we are quite happy to do. In American dollars, this amounts to roughly $1,300. (We have indeed chosen to support a second charity - Days for Girls - and to split the donations between the two charities. More to come on Days for Girls!) We are even more excited to participate in this “race” to bring awareness and funding to these two charities – issues we both feel passionately about. So it is with this adventure that we are asking for your kind and generous help and support. We hope you see the value in them as well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – and those of all the little lemurs, snails, birds, sloths, elephants, and their animal friends - not to mention the trees - we can protect for their futures and ours. Thank you thank you. Warmly, Liz and Jeff

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