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Team "Smells Like Team Spirit" (Franziska, Laura and Adam) are taking part in the Mongol Rally 2019 charity race with the outspoken goal of raising 1000 British pounds to the protection of rainforests through the CoolEarth projects. We are very much encouraging you to make a small or big donation. Thank you very much for any contribution, you are a hero.

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We are losing ca 32 million acres of rainforest every year. This equals to 37.4% of the areal of Germany. The yearly loss of CO2 breathing capacity amounts to ca 52 million tons which amounts to ca 15% of Germany's yearly CO2 emissions. The impact to the climate is enormous. We have to stop this. Please help us raise funds to Cool Earth to stop rainforest deforestation.

Mongol Rally by the Adventurist helps Cool Earth:

and so do Team "Smells Like Team Spirit" which consists of the following three participants:

Franziska Krüger, 29 years old, from Berlin, Germany. Always up for a road trip to explore new countries, landscapes, and cultures, so the Mongol Rally is a perfect fit. The moment, Adam came up with this crazy idea, I was immediately psyched about the trip. Since I have to do a lot of travelling for my living, I started to compensate my flights to reduce my carbon footprint. Help us save the rainforest and stop climate change!

Laura Krüger, 20 years old, from Berlin, Germany. Franzi’s younger sister and currently studying mechanical engineering, so she knows how to fix a broken car in the middle of the Mongolian desert – at least in theory ? Travelled a lot with her sister back in the days, so there was no need to convince her to join the Mongol Rally!

Adam Berglund, 38 years old, from Östersund, Sweden. Likes to travel but likes adventures even more. Have tried to gather a Mongol Rally team since 2013 without success, but finally he is part of a team and are very much looking forward to hit the road for the good sake of saving the rainforest.

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