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Hello, friends and family! I am (can I say finally?) off on another adventure. This year myself and two equally crazy women, Sara Read and Genevieve Bright, are headed to Romania where we will "race" 50cc bikes across the country. ("Race" being in quotes because we have absolutely no intention of winning) While we are fully funding our shenanigans on our own, we'd like to see if we can help others at the same time. This year we are raising money for Cool Earth, a foundation that aims to stop deforestation of the rainforest by partnering with local villages. You can read more about them below. I think we can raise $1500 by June! But I've never tried anything like this before so we shall see...

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I cannot express to you how important I think it is to donate wisely. Part of why I support Cool Earth is because they aren't saving the rainforest by swooping in and telling locals what to do. This organization helps to continuously protect the forest by building livelihoods for the local people where they have more to gain from leaving the forest standing.

The program is built on partnerships with local villages and the villages themselves decide what to do with the funds. It is local driven!

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