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TATS Mongol Rally 2019

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Beginning July 2019, three Swedes and an Australian will drive a tiny once-broken-now-fixed Nissan Micra from the Czech Republic to Mongolia, to raise money for rainforest protection and grow awareness for the concept of offsetting one's carbon emissions. We are the 2019 Mongol Rally's Trans-Asian Taxi Service (TATS)!

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The biggest reason why we’re all squeezing into a tiny car and driving from Europe to Asia is simply because we think travelling is awesome, and the Mongol Rally was crazy enough to catch our attention. At the same time, though, are we all aware and concerned about the negative impact travelling has on the climate, through carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. With this in mind, two of us are going onwards from the finish line in Mongolia to Australia, and see this as an opportunity to carpool halfway around the world, meaning that we emit less carbon dioxide compared to if we had flown this distance.

Scientists say that in order to minimise the level of warming in our climate, we as individuals and as a society need to do a number of things, including protect existing forests, which suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and cut down our contributions of greenhouse gas emissions. We know travelling has a significant carbon footprint, but we personally can’t imagine a life without travel – so we all need to make sure our travels are as efficient as possible, and think about offsetting the carbon emissions we can’t avoid. As such, we have kick-started our fundraising by personally contributing the amount it costs to offset driving our Nissan Micra from the Rally’s start in the Czech Republic to Mongolia – 13,000km – which is only SEK 450 / £40 / AUD $70 (calculated using Sweden’s carbon offset site, where 1 tonne of CO2 requires approximately SEK 225 / £20 / AUD $35 to offset). Because we’re carpooling, the cost is obviously split between the four of us.

Of course all donations to our Cool Earth fundraising program are hugely appreciated, but we ask you to donate at least what each of us have contributed: SEK 120 / £12 / AUD $20.

If you want to go bigger, we challenge you to calculate the tonnes of carbon dioxide you produce (there are plenty of carbon calculators out there – try from your next trip away by car, train, bus or plane, and consider offsetting a portion of this by donating to our fundraising campaign, using the ratio above of SEK 225 / £20 / AUD $35 per tonne of CO2 produced.

GET A THANK YOU POSTCARD FROM CENTRAL ASIA: If you donate at least SEK 300 / £25 / AUD $50 to either our fundraising program or directly to our expedition (contact us if you’re interested supporting our expedition costs and getting a massive shout out for that), send us your address and we’ll send you a thank you postcard from Central Asia!

If you do wish to receive a postcard, send us the name you used when donating and your postal address in an email via the Contact Us page of our website (, or directly to team member Micah at [email protected] Thanks!

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