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The 3 Brexiteers Attempt to Save the World

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In late July, a team of three of us will be setting off from Lands End on a 9-week, 17,000+ mile journey to Mongolia and back as part of the Mongol Rally with the aim to raise as much money for three fantastic charities as possible; Cool Earth, RNLI, and The Samson Centre for Multiple Sclerosis. While we have no fixed route in place to limit our options this early, we’re planning to take an unconventional route through well over 20 countries including Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. We’re even in talks to discuss ways to get our car registered in China to transit the Xinjiang territory in North West China. To make the adventure a bit more interesting, we’ll be taking what could easily be described as an unsuitable vehicle for the job, with a tiny engine and only minor underbody and suspension modifications to get us through thousands of miles of unpaved, mountainous roads, rivers and deserts. With panels sprayed over with chalkboard paint, and two kayaks bolted to our roof in place of a roof rack our car is undeniably going to be unique and recognisable.

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