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Stranger than paradise

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A Journey in Peru. We are 2 Icelanders who will ride on a pocket motorcycle over 700+ km in Peru, to raise awareness on Cool Earth matters and to help saving the Rain forests. Why Rain-forests..... Rain forests produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere to help us breathe. We also know that with deforestation, earth's climate can be affected, as well as the water cycle. It is time for every individual to act, to intervene and help saving the planet. .................Every small thing counts..................... By donating to our campaign, you are supporting Cool Earth and contributing to the cause at a local level. Your support will have direct impact to the affected areas. Our fundraising goal is moderate, and with your support we can make an impact......... Thank you for the support. One love.......

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One World - One Love..
Help us .... Every small gesture helps.

We will be riding for a good cause, and providing you the opportunity to take action and help us.
Our Goal is set to a moderate 1000 GBP which will surely make an impact.


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